Let's be honest...

We capture pictures as sort of a return-ticket for a moment otherwise gone. I want to be the one to capture these special moments for you.

I'm Paige, and the one behind the camera. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's capturing what your wedding FEELS like- not just what it looks like.

When it comes to your day, and leading up to it, I strive to be present to provide you the best possible experience. I will be right there for you, fixin', fluffin', and bustlin' that dress to make you look like the goddess you are. 


& Guys-

I'm not forgetting yall either. I'm always straightenin' that boutonniere, making sure your hair is perfectly combed over and your tie is centered with your belly button.

All in all, my goal is to shoot the real you and make you feel confident you are hiring a photographer that is ready to take on every aspect of your big day. You will receive an array of portraits and candid moments via an online gallery within TWO WEEKS!

So, whatcha say? Let's do this yallll.

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