6 Wedding Day Details You Don't Want To Forget

1. Signage

These are the perfect way to add cute quotes, hashtags, etc around your reception and ceremony.

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Details (39).jpg

2. Dress Hanger

Because who REALLY wants their dress picture with a plastic hanger from the bridal shop on Main.  Adding a wooden or velvet hanger to your dress shot completes the shot making it look well put together.

Blog (13).jpg

3. Greenery

Seriously, because greenery is life.  It's timeless and you won't look back at your images thinking, why the hell did i pick bright orange daisies for my florals.

Details (18).jpg

4. Accessories

Blog (9).jpg

5. Invitation Suite

I feel like this is a key shot that I personally would want taken.  Years down the road, you aren't going to have an old invitation laying around so what better way to remember than to have it photographed?

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Blog (3).jpg

6. Dessert

I mean, this is a no brainer but I had to include pictures of these yummy desserts.   Go ahead, it's ok to let your mouth water a little bit ;)

I hope this was helpful or at least fun to look at ;)  Want to see more images? Check out Mariah + Zach's big day here: https://paigeelizabethphotography.pixieset.com/prevattewedding/

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