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Tell me about you & your better half;


& I don't wanna miss a thing!

(or person closest to the bride who will have a phone on them the day of the wedding)
(or person closest to the groom who will have a phone on them the day of the wedding)
Date of Wedding *
Date of Wedding
If so, please list their name + contact information.
Religious, formal, informal, indoors, outdoors, unplugged - tell me about the ceremony.
Chapel, cathedral, temple, outdoors, tent, etc.
Sparklers, bubbles, streamers, piles of money or just good old-fashioned hootin and hollerin?
If so, make sure you can set aside 15-20 minutes for this.
Depending on the amount of people, it can take 25-35 minutes for formal photos to be completed. That does not include a first look (20-30 minutes).
Please list the names and combos of your family formals
Colors, icons, look and feel. Any and all of those things will help me get a feel for what you're into, and will actually help me envision what kind of photos you would like to see.
I like to have a good idea of what you'll be looking like on you wedding day! Plus, I love wedding dresses. Email/text me photos if you want.
Catering, event design, wedding planner, hair/makeup people, linen rentals, cake maker, etc., etc., etc. I like to send them photos of their work after the wedding.
For example, details or surprises I won't know about ahead of time?
I want to make you happy!! This gives me insight into what is important to you and what I should be looking for.
I vow to check my spam folder for your email *
because we all know how email can be!
Her turnaround time is the best out there. She works hard and makes you feel so comfortable which was huge for me.
— Franki M